Coolsculpt is a range of treatments designed to tighten up troublesome fatty areas on your face or body.

We can help reduce facial lines, saggy skin, target specific areas or just a general tighten up.

These range of treatments are perfect to help boost your weight loss journey or after reaching that weight loss goal.

Our skin tightening facials will visibly reduce lines, tighten the jaw line and create a general lift.

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Our trained therapists will advise you on what treatments will work best to help you get your desired result, we will undertake a health consultation with you to make sure your treatments are suited and how many treatments may be required for your needs.

Our therapists are very honest and will not mislead you into taking treatments that we feel would not be the best option for you and will not oversell you treatment plans that you may not need.

We are very caring, compassionate and will treat you with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Relax in our beautiful surroundings and let us do the hard work for you.


 "Fat Freezing" or "Cryoliposis" is based on the science of Cryolipolysis.  It’s a term that combines “cryo” (icy cold) with “lipolysis” (the chemical decomposition of fat).

It is engineered to cool the fat cells to near freezing so the are destroyed. The body may then eliminate the crystallized cells in the weeks to follow, reducing up to 40% of fat in the treated area*.


This procedure is ideal for selective targets of localized fat deposits; common areas include;

abdominal fat, love handles, back rolls, thighs and bulges above cesarean section incision lines.


  • The Cryo Heads vacuum up the stubborn fat-bearing areas of the skin.  

  • The area is cooled to a controlled temperature which causes the fat cells beneath to crystallise.  

  • The destroyed fat cells are then gradually disposed of via the body’s ordinary metabolism system.

  • This results in a reduction of stubborn fat in the targeted area(s). This reduction occurs over a period of 12 weeks after treatment.


Treatments take from 45 minutes  up to 2 hours depending on individual needs, which are always subject to assessment. 


*Percentage loss figure is based on external clinic studies. Individual fat losses and side effects can vary.  

The process doesn't require incisions, needles or any risks associated with surgical procedures. Unlike liposuction, there is no recovery time required, therefore it's possible to return to your usual daily schedule straight after treatment.

Fat cells crystallise at higher temperatures than neighbouring fat cells, this is why the treatment specifically focuses on breaking down fat cells without impacting surrounding

Tissue eg Skin, muscle and nerve fibres.

Treatable Areas



Back Fat



A one off treatment but results will depend on maintaining a healthy lifestyle including plenty of water throughout the 12 week working process.


As we age the underlying muscles are not as efficient at supporting the skin tissue attached to them, in addition, the skin loses its ability to regenerate new tissue. Fluid build up, wrinkles, and sagging are the end result of this process.

The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation face lift unit uses a variety of frequencies to stimulate cells and muscles. The equipment uses healing frequencies to tone muscles, reduce fluid retention, and to soften wrinkles. Our device lifts and keeps muscles firm as well as boost elasticity in the tissue keeping the skin healthy.

With a surgical face-lift, the muscles and skin are cut and stretched and within a few years after a surgical lift, muscles and skin will again begin to sag. The Bio-Electric is pain free and non-invasive and can be used to maintain and enhance the skin's appearance.

The treatments last for around 30 minutes and is very relaxing and clients will only feel a nice, warm sensation.

A one off treatment for a special occasion will give you a short term result, however a full course is recommended for more long term results - A full course consists of 10 treatments.

The one off  treatment result will depend on age, condition and individual factors asto how much of the facial lines or inch loss we can get with the one visit.

Treatable Areas








When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events takes place. Firstly, pores form on the cells causing them to spill out. The water, Glycerol and fatty acids move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin. Then further water, fatty acids and Glycerol spill out. The adipocyte cells are therefore reduced in size.

The contents of the fat cells (Fatty Acids, Triglycerides and water) spill out from the broken cell membranes and are released into the interstitial space. This mechanism of action is not “liquefaction of fat”, it is the instant emptying out of the cells rather than the destruction of them. (referred to as Lipolysis).

The intra-cellular fat causes the cell to lose its round shape by changing the permeability of the cell membrane. This does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves.

After each treatment..

 If you are able to undertake some form of  exercise to raise your heart rate, you will increase your metabolic rate.

Your body will use the fuel available in your blood stream, which includes the Fatty Acids and Triglycerides released by the Laser Lipo treatments.

Once the “fuel” in the bloodstream has been used up, your Liver will begin to target the remaining fat deposits (starting with those most easily broken down - the treated areas) for further “fuel”.


Therefore, the more exercise you undertake between treatments, the better your results will be!

Laser Lipo is a fantastic means of “reminding” your body about those long dormant fat deposits that no amount of exercise seems to be able to target.

Treatable Areas




Male Chest

 On average we can take off between 1/2 an inch to 3 inches after 1 30 min session, the results are short term, however a block of 10 will give you a more permanent result subject to lifestyle after the initial treatment.





If you are looking to reduce the circumference of your thighs, hips, stomach or get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that won’t shift no matter how much you diet and exercise, then We can help you.

Our Cavitation award winning technology helps you sculpt your problematic areas. 

During cavitation, fat cells are instantly and permanently broken down in your area of concern.

Cavitation is most effective at treating larger areas, so if you are looking for leaner thighs, to get rid of love handles or to lose inches from your waist, then cavitation is for you.


Cavitation delivers a focused wave of ultrasound to the fat layer.  The power of the vibration from the ultrasound wave creates a build up of pressure in the fat cell.  It continues to build until the fat cell membrane can no longer withstand this pressure and the fat cell wall disintegrates without causing damage to any other cells or tissues.

The triglycerides are released from the cells and flow into the intra-cellular space where they are enzymatically changed into free fatty acids and glycerol.

Water-soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source.

Insoluble free fatty acids are transported to and processed by the liver.

The more water you drink, the better your body will be at flushing these out!

This is a pain free procedure and takes 30 mins per area.

Treatable Areas






If you have any of the following medical conditions, we would not be able to offer you cavitation.

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Heart conditions or Pacemaker
  • Have or ever had Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis
  • Have or ever had cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Auto-Immune conditions

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