We set up Man at ProTone because we found that it was very difficult to purchase good quality shaving supplies that you could have a look at and smell without having to order online and not be able to see or smell the quality.

We started off with just a small collection of quality products but now have an extensive range of various high end brands to choose from, not only is the traditional razor making a come back in the popularity stakes due to giving a closer shave, far more economical and less shaving burn, it's also a winner with those seeking environmentally friendly products. With blades starting from £1 a packet of 5, what's not to love?


Acca Pacca, Arthur J Hawke, Bib & Tucker, Cella, Cyril Salter, Dovo, D R Harris, Dr Dittmar, Edwin Jagger, Feather Artist's Club,

Giesen Forsthoff, Mercur, Mitchell's Woolfat, Morgan's, Muhle, Omega, Osma, Parker, Simpson, Sweyn Forkbeard, Taylor of Old Bond Street, The Bluebeards Revenge,

The Scottish FineSoap Company, Woody's.  

New additions are added at regular intervals.

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