Our idea of using Toning Tables stemmed from many years ago

when they first came into the gyms.

My Mother and Daughter both have disabilities and they found that the Tables were certainly beneficial with pain relief and coordination issues, it meant that  They were able to exercise without feeling self conscious about their limitations and feel the benefits of regular exercise without anystress on the joints. At the time, we were used to going on a different bed for each type of movement, this was not always practical for either having to wait in a line for the next part of the routine or time management.

When we decided to open our studio, we worked out how to problem solve issues that we had faced and took on board thoughts from friends and families that had previously faced issues when wanting to exercise and adapted our Studio to suit.

So we put in Toning Tables that are multifunctional which allows you to stay on one bed for the entire routine, we book in plenty of time for you to take the time to remove your shoes and put them back on without the need to rush. 

We provide complimentary tea and coffee and beautiful Chesterfield Settees for you to sit on, We are wheelchair friendly throughout and welcome assistance dogs.

We are also Autism friendly and Dementia aware.

We do not offer Monthly Memebership as we have found that people cannot always make sessions due to flare ups etc so instead we offer money saving block bookings.


Toning Tables are gentle exercise beds which are very beneficial for helping give pain relief from various medical conditions as well as strengthening weak muscles and aiding poor circulation and helping to prevent muscle wastage. As well as being used for pain relief, these beds offer gentle toning up for new mums, recovery from sports injuries and general post op care.

The Toning Tables are perfect for those that are unable to manage the gym or feel uncomfortable in gym like surroundings, they offer gentle exercise that involves the table going through a series of movements, which our knowledgeable staff control so you don't need to worry aboutwhat you should be doing. There is no stress or strain on the joints and you are able to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

The Toning Tables are particularly useful for those that struggle with;

Poor Coordination



Diabetic Neuropathy

Cerebal Palsy

Parkinson's Disease

Stroke Recovery

New Mums

Post OP Recovery

Sports Injurury Recovery

Weight Management

We are also Autism Friendly and have wheelchair access throughout.

Guide Dogs Welcome


First Session free

Under 60's - £7.50 per session

Block of 10 - £65.00

60 and over - £5.00 per session

Block of 10 - £45

Sessions range between 40 - 50 mins

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